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This is to announce the release of Alberta/Caltech Version 3.0 of Frodo/TOM, a molecular modelling program for crystallographic map-fitting on SGI IRIS workstations.

The licence owner, Christian Cambillau, has given the University of Alberta permission to distribute Frodo/TOM free of charge to academic users. If you would like to obtain the program, please send e-mail to "", affirming that you are an academic, not-for-profit user, and promising not to re-distribute the sources or binaries. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a message telling you where to ftp the package from and how to decrypt it.

Bug reports, questions about how to use the program, and (most welcome of all) your own enhancements to the code, can be sent "".

Alternative programs: Alwyn Jones' current offering, "O", is a *much* more powerful program; while Christian Cambillau's current offering, "Turbo-Frodo", has faster graphics and easier-to-learn pull-down menus.

If you need a molecular graphics program for the IRIS and don't have any electron density maps to fit, look into MMS (contact Steve Dempsey for info: or MIDAS (contact Robert Langridge for info:

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