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List of Small Molecule Resources

This section of NetSci provides a starting point to explore the resources available for science on the Web. Please notify us if you have found a site that is interesting.

2D Databases

a button image Pharmabase An interactive compound database website. Access is free and additions are made daily. This is a government funded (NIH, NCRR) project.

a button image The CambridgeSoft ChemFinder Database

a button image WWW Chemicals - fine chemical, organic chemical, inorganic chemical, biochemical, and custom synthesis catalogs on the World Wide Web

a button image The RTAM Database

a button image Klotho Database - the Biochemical Compounds Declarative Database at Washington University

3D Databases

a button image The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) - contains information relating to the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) and associated software

a button image The CHIRBASE Database - allows analysts to find the best chiral chromatographic method for the separation of drugs, agrochemicals etc. using ISIS/Base molecular searching tools

a button image Molecular Diversity Preservation International Database - over 3200 small molecule structures available for downloading in db (prepared by ISIS/Base 2.0 for Windows) and sdf formats

a button image National Cancer Institute Databases

a button image WWW Chemical Structures Database - with more than 2250 molecules taken (and reconstructed) from chemical MIME files scattered all around the world on the WWW

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